Dog Day Care in Olathe

Dog Day Care You Get To Watch!

Improved Dog Day Care Experience

We have rebranded dog day care with you and your dog in mind.

Collar Club Dog Day Care in Olathe is not just a service, it is an experience.

You can feel 100% positive that your dog is in good hands with our experienced staff and top-of-the-line facility.

Pricing & Memberships

We offer many different membership options to fit any schedule or budget.

Visit our pricing & membership page to learn more about costs for dog daycare in Olathe.


Dog Day Care in Olathe

Collar Club day care can be your pups new home away from home while you are at work.

Good times start as soon as you and your furry friend arrive.

You and your pup will notice the Collar Club difference as soon as you step into the lobby. Our lobby offers walls of glass for direct viewing into our play rooms.

A Full Day of fun

The Fun Starts When You Walk in the Door.

As soon as you walk in the door you will see glass walls on both sides so you can see directly into the play areas.

This level of transparency is raising the bar in the industry. Each dayplay room has rubber floors, lots of natural light, and consistent airflow to keep the room fresh. On every dogs first day, they will go through a temperament test to determine which play group is best for them. Once the temperament test is passed, it’s play time!

Who We Are

We cannot wait to meet you and your pup.

Book a reservation today, your first day is free!

Take A Look At Our Specials!

Here at the Collar Club we like to run specials from time to time.

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Daycare FAQs

What are the benefits of Collar Club Dog Daycare?
Do I need a reservation for Collar Club daycare?
I don't see my dog on camera, why is that?
How do I access the cameras to watch my dog at Collar Club daycare?
Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered to participate in Collar Club Daycare?
Are there vaccinations required for my dog to play at the Collar Club?
I am not able to drop off and pickup during your normal business hours, what options do you have?

Had my dog groomed at the collar club today and could not be more impressed! This is hands down the best experience we’ve had with grooming. We will definitely be back for more day play and grooming!

– Anna (Ollie's Human)


Collar Club did a great job grooming our mini golden doodle. He got nails clipped and teeth brushed too. I think their pricing is very comparable to other grooming places in the area. Our furry guy also had a fun day playing with friends at their fabulous facility. What a neat place for dogs! We will be back!

– Kris (Kirby's Human)


After losing two of the best dachshunds in the world, I made the leap to two wonderful Golden Retrievers. I knew I would need help navigating the world of active large breed dogs, and Jess has been there every step of the way to help me navigate through this change. I have two well-mannered dogs, thanks to the training Jess has provided and continues to provide us. Not only does she have a special way with dogs - she has the same with their humans. I trust Jess completely with my boys which is huge. She truly is a dog-whisperer in the kindest and gentlest way. She's simply one of the best!

– Patrice (Champ & Scout's Human)


What a find! This place is incredible! Our Groomer, Shastie does a fantastic and professional job. The quality was top notch and the price was very reasonable. Great staff and wonderful services all nestled in our Waldo neighborhood!

– Steve (Doug's human)


I can't say enough in praise of the Collar Club for its customer service, friendly atmosphere (even for humans!), and their extraordinary care for the dogs who stay with them. Mine loves it, and his exhaustion at the end of the day, along with his wagging tail, tell the story of his experience.

– David (Lloyd's human)