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Collar Club dog training is a great way to develop and build your relationship with your pup.

Our dog training program offers a range of options from group classes to private lessons. Our Head Trainer, Jessica Belcher, offers a free evaluation visit to see what training option is best for your dog.

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The Collar Club offers training options for every skill level



Meet the Trainer

Our dog training program is lead by Head Trainer, Jessica Belcher.

Jessica has been in the pet industry for 10+ years and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to The Collar Club training program.

She completed an in-depth two-year apprenticeship on canine behavior and obedience and has numerous success stories. In addition to her training experience, Jessica also specializes in teaching canine CPR and basic first aid. She is also an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator, furthering her ability to change the lives of the family pet.

She has several dogs at home, Aspen (Australian Cattle Dog), Diggity (Australian Cattle Dog), Valor (Coon Hound Mix), Wren (Australian Cattle Dog) and Riley (Jack Russell).

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Raising the bar in the industry.

At The Collar Club we strive to continue to raise the bar in every service we offer.


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Contact us today to learn more about the training options we have to offer and schedule your free evaluation.

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Training FAQs

What vaccinations are required for Collar Club training?
What vaccinations are required for Collar Club training?
What class should I start with?
How many people are allowed to come to class with me?
What if class lands on a holiday?
What is Balanced Training?